Wednesday, 6 April 2011

(Mother) Love is...

... ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes

Changing stinky nappies and wiping a snotty nose

Immense pride in every ‘first’ you witness so great you think you might burst

Worry like you’ve never known when her temperature peaks or she has a ‘hurt’

A hidden smile when she does something cheeky

The new even greater love you feel watching your husband be an amazing daddy

Viewing increased danger in the world at every turn

Waking up to the sound of little feet padding in

Accepting constant sticky fingers on your dark furniture are a fact of life

The overwhelming joy the first time she says “Love you Mummy” (which she did tonight!)

Not taking it too personally when only daddy will do

The pain in your heart that catches in your throat when you have to let her go

It’s loving and being loved unconditionally

It’s the greatest gift this world can give us

This post was written for week 53 of the gallery for the theme 'Mother Love'. Hope all you mummies had  a wonderful Mother's Day! xxx


  1. Aww that is beautiful. Beautiful words and a beautiful picture. x

  2. Thank you. I thought I'd best get a picture of us together on Mother's Day seeings as I'm normally the one behind the camera! x


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