Thursday, 7 April 2011

I love my bed

We've had a breakthrough. Last night V went to sleep in her own bed, stayed there all night and only got up at 7.30am when she heard her daddy moving around!

This is really big news in our house. I haven't written about it before as having a toddler who won't go to bed anymore makes writing time very hard to come by! But pretty much since Christmas this has been our situation. Losing our evenings has taken its toll. We've felt like we were walking around like zombies, just going through the motions of our routines but with no time to talk to one another or even just sit together. One of the hardest things I found was the constant noise, okay she won't go to bed but why is she so noisy as it gets later?!

So what caused this sudden turn around? On the weekend we at last converted her cot into a toddler bed. She was intrigued by the whole process and tried to climb on it at various stages in the process. When at last it was all set up complete with bedding and cuddly toys she climbed in and exclaimed "I love my bed". We were stunned. If we'd known it was this easy we'd have done it much sooner, but the thought of how we'd get her to stay in a bed she can easily get out of when she won't stay in a cot was just too terrifying.

She loves her big girl bed so much she is now totally in love with her room and just wants to play in there constantly. When her nana and grandad came on Sunday the phrase of the day was "Come and see my room" and that has continued through the week. It's like she now sees her room in a whole new light and it is so cute to watch.

I'm so glad she loves her big girl bed. Because I love my bed too.

Someone else likes the big girl bed!


  1. That's lovely! It's great she loves her new big girl bed so much! I guess it makes sense that it can't actually be that nice sleeping a bed with bars around it. Wishing you all lots of long and restful night's sleep!

  2. Thank you! I know, had thought about it for a while and did think our 'little miss independent' probably didn't like being trapped but was worried about upsetting the little bit of routine we had. Much better now though! :)

  3. Aww that is so great. It makes a huge difference when they are in their big beds. x


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