Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The makings of a model?

I always found it weird when people commented on how much hair V had when she was a baby. I think I’d have found it stranger had she not had any. I’m used to seeing the pictures of myself with a mop of dark hair when I was born, and my niece and nephew were also like this. In the latter stages of labour the midwife gave my husband his first sense of queasiness when she commented on how much hair she had and asked if he wanted to feel it! (Yes he did turn green while shaking his head vigorously!) And then she was born and the whole room oood and ahhd over her mop of dark hair. Yes she was just like me.

Then somewhere along the way this changed, she still had lots of hair but it was getting fairer. At one point there were debates in the family about where her red hair was from. My mum liked to say she was strawberry blonde. And then she got fairer still. Bringing us to today when we’d all agree that in fact her hair is quite blonde. Not like me. Not like either of us actually. One of my friends in particular is always so surprised when she sees my daughter as my husband and I are both very dark and she’s always said she expected my daughter to look a bit like Suri Cruise!

I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with a blonde daughter. Growing up I was always very happy as a brunette, even as quite a 'typical' brunette - intelligent, studious, sensible, probably a bit nerdy! But glad not to be the butt of blonde jokes and probably to not stand out from the crowd. (I could go off on a tangent now about whether it was in fact my hair colour that made me like this but it’s late and I didn’t set out to be philosophising!)

So I wonder how my beautiful girl will turn out? Will she be the supermodel her daddy is locking in her room when she turns 16 (she’s also very tall!)? Will she be nerdy like mummy and lock herself in her room surrounded by books? What I do hope and will endeavour to ensure is that however she turns out it’s not because of a stereotype telling her how she ought to be.

For now, all we do know is that she’s definitely not stupid but she does have a whole lot of fun!

This post was written as my entry for week 52 of the gallery for the theme 'Hair'. Head on over there for the First Birthday celebrations!


  1. Nice post,all my 4 were born with loads of hair too.looks like she loves the camera :)

  2. She is a cutie, and I must say what a fab mop of hair you had as a baby!

  3. Awww, is she gorgeous! Lovely picture.

  4. Aww she is so cute. Both my boys were born with loads of hair and I kept getting asked if I had lots of heart burn which i didn't. x

  5. Clairejustine - Thanks. I was just snapping pictures of her running around and she sped over to pose! :) - thank you. Yes, I did have rather a lot! x

    jenmum - thanks, she was being a little poser! :)

    SusanKMann - Thank you. Oh yes, I did too, except I did have lots of heart burn which was not so good! x

  6. She is such a cutie, of course you are proud of her. All of mine were born with lots of hair and to this day have lovely thick hair

  7. Thank you, very much so though of course I am biased! x


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