Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I can't believe our little Munchkin is 21 months old. People laugh at me when I tell them this is how old she is as I refuse to say nearly 2, but I can't say 1 as she does seem so much older than this. She has always seemed quite advanced for her age, for example holding her head up from the moment she was born, saying mama from only a few months old, and now she is just flying. Obviously not actually flying or then she really would be superbaby. Although she did just yesterday balance herself across the coffee table, legs and arms outstretched and say "Look Mummy, I fly!"

She is a big talker, she can count to at least ten and knows her colours. She communicates most of what she wants to us and has little conversations. One of the cutest things is she can tell us what's she's done in her day now. Obviously you have to be careful not to do something totally un-child friendly like set fire to your nieces treasure map in an attempt to give it a more aged appearance. The older niece might be totally au fait with the secret mission but the little munchkin will run straight to tell her grandad. And then relay it back to her daddy later. And anybody else who may or may not want to know about her Mummy's pyromaniac tendencies.

She's a proper little singer and dancer. She sings along to her favourite cartoons including the Peppa Pig and Dora songs. She even played freeze along with Dora the other day which we were quite amazed by. She gets so excited when the Jim Jammers come on on Nick Jnr, it's a shame she's not quite as enthusiastic about putting her Jim Jammers on! But she does like to go in "the big bed" and sing twinkle twinkle and the rainbow song. Gone are the days when I could sing her to sleep - to this I get a "Ssshhh Mummy!" - it's the other way round now (and I fall asleep much easier)

She is a little trickster. She has a great way of lulling you into a false sense of security before doing something naughty. She asks for a kiss while pouring water out of her beaker behind your back. When she tries to run away from us while we're out and about she tries to smooth it over by blowing us kisses. The other day when it was just the two of us having dinner at the table she said "Look Mummy, window!" which I duly did wondering what had caught her attention. Then I looked back down to discover a spoonful of her unwanted dinner had found it's way onto my plate. Thanks baby.

What else can I astound you with? Well, she can play Humf on her Daddy's i phone. She can say Moon in Spanish. The other day she put her bib the other way around her neck so the ties hung down and said "I doctor Mummy". Then she did this:

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