Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Family Portrait

When searching through our photo archives last Christmas for a photo of the three of us together one of the few there actually were was of us on Baby V's first Halloween. It was one of the best too given that hubby's eyes so often closed on photos were covered by a mask and I was wearing a rather fetching hat! That photo never fails to make me giggle. So it seemed only proper that this Halloween we should continue that tradition. Eventually after pinning my sister down to take the photo, explaining to my niece that this was one photo she couldn't be in and wrestling hubby's mask from my nephew we were all set. But for one very important feature. V could not take her eyes off us even to pose for the camera something which she has always been very adept at. She found us very amusing in our mask and hat and swung between us grabbing her daddy's mask and my hat and giggling manically. Unfortunately this made for some blury photos but we'll just say that adds to the spooky atmospheric halloween scene!

If that didn't make you laugh this might. Luckily you shouldn't recognise my sister or she'll kill me. Who says Pinatas are for the kids?!

This post was written for week 33 of the gallery for the theme 'Show me the Funny'. Head on over for some much needed laughs on this dull and damp November day...

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