Monday, 22 November 2010

Halloween I and II

*Dashes in at the last minute*

Didn't think I'd be entering as the last couple of weeks have been so manic but here I am with a few minutes to spare and the pictures I had in my mind. I feel like I'm cheating a little as I have already used both of these previously but when I saw the theme it immediately sprung to my mind as something I'd done myself recently, and I hadn't put them side by side which is something I've been wanting to do.

So here it is, my rather late entry for week 35 of the gallery 'Before and After', A Family Portrait:

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

What a difference a year makes...


  1. Love the fact your husband's mask has grown, is he going to have a full suit next year!

  2. lol! I won some costumes from @ClothingatTesco on Twitter and it was a weird coincidence that his included a Frankenstein mask again, except huge! :D


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