Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Red eye

Telling my husband to look out for red things I could take a picture of on our walk on Sunday morning was not the best thing I could have said to him amid the tension that was derby day in these parts. Thankfully after a morning filled with red, it was the blues who won through in the afternoon. Phew. Our Sunday was saved.

All of these things are 'the colour red'. But I felt a bit disappointed they weren't all that halloweeny. Of course they are autumnal, which by default leans itself towards halloween but there wasn't any scare factor. Then I remembered this, our little munchkin getting her daddy right back for scaring her in the dark!

And a quick search through the archives brought up this, it's like the days before photoshop and reminds me how scared I was by Michael Jackson's yellow eyes at the end of the Thriller video.

Happy Halloween!

This post was written for week 32 of The Gallery, for the theme 'The colour red'. Head on over to see all the other entries... if you dare!!!!! Mwahahahahaha...


  1. You have been a busy red snapper lol
    All these photos are brilliant - I love the colour red in autumn so stunning!
    The cast two are really cute what a cutey she is even with red eyes!! Great photos :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, I really love the fuscia one it is stunning. Those eyes are a bit scary though *hides behind the sofa*!

  3. Mummy Mishaps - lol, yes got a bit carried away in the sunshine, then decided to go in a different direction but didn't want to waste my pretty nature shots! Thanks :)

    christinemosler - it's ok, you can come out. Oh wait, go back, sometimes she does live up to them! ;)

  4. Great pictures :) I love the torch shining on the mouth, oooh very spooky! :)

  5. I thought of doing red leaves but I knew that someone else would do it better than I could, and I was right! Gorgeous. I love the 'scary' one too, it's so funny.

  6. Ah, all lovely. Even the last one, she is so sweet the red eyes can't take away her cuteness.

  7. An interesting mix of botanical photography, the Blair Witch Project and the Exorcist. :D

    Love the leaves in particular.

  8. Hehe...scary red eyes! On a beautiful little girl though.
    Aren't the leaves on that tree sooo red...lovely! :)

  9. Lovely pics - the red in trees is wonderful after all the uniform green of high summer. And the devil eyes - well even the prettiest child can have their moments ...!

  10. Wow, great pics. I love those red maples. We have a dwarf one in a pot in the garden which we planted as a 'baby loss' memorial, so they have special meaning for me.

  11. mumtoj - thanks, she's not afraid of the dark at all she just goes running into dark rooms. One night her daddy give her a fright lighting his face up with the torch but she soon had it off him and was doing it herself! :)

    imperfectpages - Thank you, it's a beautiful tree helped along by the lovely sunshine :)

    Cara - awww thanks, mostly sweet sometimes a little devil! ;)

  12. kateab - A great summary, thanks! :D

    Nova - Thank you, was thrilled to find that tree in a walled garden in our local woods, and the sunshine made it perfect! :)

  13. nowrigglingoutofwriting - thankyou, she is beautiful and on the whole so happy and well behaved, but she definately has her moments! :)

    Tilly - Thankyou. I'm sorry for your loss, it's lovely you have such a beautiful memorial x


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