Monday, 18 October 2010

Making me Smile on a Monday

Being a parent is the hardest work we've ever done. One of the things I find hardest is when for some reason or other the little munchkin just won't go to sleep. Just as I have it set in my head what I'll get done once she's in bed she won't go down. And she has a speciality of doing it when we have an extra early start as we have tomorrow. Tonight it took hours before she finally settled (and then that was in our bed!)

And then we smiled. The stress of the previous few hours a distant memory as we talked about the funny and clever things she'd done today. The lack of sleep we'll have and pile of dishes in the sink forgotten as we marvelled at how cute she looks, how gorgeous she is. Because it's also the best work we've ever done. And she's an angel really.

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