Monday, 20 September 2010

Making me Smile on a Monday

Today it's one of those Mondays. We didn't get all the jobs done at the weekend we'd have liked to, and today I seem to be fighting a losing battle with Baby V untidying as fast as I can tidy! She didn't want to go to bed and was determined to carry on aimlessly wandering around the lounge as she fought her tiredness. Then we heard the opening bars of this advert and she stopped in her tracks. We just love it. We are such cat lovers and owe much of our interiors to Ikea. Putting the two together like they do makes me just want to jump in there and snuggle up with all those kitty cats. And Baby V must want to too as after stopping to watch and have a little cuddle she's let me put her down, snuggling a cuddly kitten she may have 'acquired' from her cousin. Dreaming of Ikea show rooms and cute cats. Have you seen it yet?

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