Monday, 13 September 2010

Making me Smile on a Monday

Happy National Cupcake Week!


  1. National Cupcake week?? How could this have escaped my notice?!!
    At 25 weeks pregnant I have the perfect excuse to stuff my little face with cupcakes.....I feel some baking is in order this week :)

  2. Aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is it?? Is it really? Is it really National Cupcake Week? BRILLIANT!

  3. This will not help in reducing the size of my 'baby pocket'! Diet officially on hold! x

  4. Weebeastie - you are so lucky to have the excuse! I remember when I was pregnant in the run up to Easter, there *may* have been many 99p Easter Eggs eaten! Get baking and eating!!! :)

    Nic's Notebook - It is fabulous news, who could help but smile!!! :D

    Second Time Mummy - It is still very early days for you, you deserve all the cupcakes you can manage! I have been abstaining from baking to try and lose weight but this week that would just be rude! x

  5. My favorite week of the year :-)!


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