Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'll always have the stationary

I always loved going Back to School. Yes, I probably was a nerd. Apparently nerds are cool now? I was obviously way ahead of my time. Everything about it was wonderful to me. New uniform, new shoes, new bag. And above all, new stationary. It must be where my stationary obsession stems from (well ok possibly a shoe and bag obsession too!) Is there anything better than an untouched beautiful notebook and brand spanking new fancy pen?

When I first started school I loved it so much that one day when my baby sister was ill and my mum told me she wouldn't be able to take me I was not at all happy with this idea. Ever enterprising I perched myself in the front window and looked out for somebody I knew passing by. Within minutes I saw a lady and her daughter wearing my school's uniform and made my mum go out and ask could I walk to school with them! We didn't actually know them but my mum did recognise them from the school run. And so off I toddled lunch box in hand without so much as a look back.

In contrast when it was her turn to start nursery my sister absolutely hated it. She was the one to be found clinging to the school railings screaming ' Muuuuummmy saaavvve meeee!'. She left as soon as she could whilst I did the whole school, sixth form, University thing. If I hadn't run out of money I'm sure I'd still be there now. Therefore this week I am extremely jealous but very proud of her as she starts a Uni course herself 12 years after she left. I'm consoling myself with some new stationary.

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  1. I loved school too and college and uni! Not sure if my baby brain could cope with schooling now though!
    Lovely photo :)

  2. I was exactly the same! Even went back to uni part time to study...shame I had to fit in full time work and housework as well or I'd still be there too... fab pic :)

  3. Thank you both. Every September I think I'd like to go back to do some sort of course, it's all the back to school hype! Maybe one day...


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