Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I want to live here...

One of my favourite indugences when in town is a browse around the beautiful Cath Kidston store hidden in a quiet corner at Liverpool One. Baby V and I were there at the weekend and I just wanted to take the whole shop home with me. Actually what I really wanted was to move in there! Then I wouldn't absolutely need to buy these:
Perfect for my kitchen counters: Spray Flowers Set of 4 Canisters

For displaying my cupcakes in the manner they deserve: Provence Rose Cake Stand

Just for me, to dress as the domestic goddess I aspire to be! Purple Flowers Doris Dress


  1. I NEVER knew there was a Cath Kidston store in Liverpool One!!! Aggghhhh!! Excitement :)

  2. Nic's Notebook - It is a beautiful shop, just down a side street behind top shop and along from cafe nero, with a traditional style shop front and pot plants outside, you will love it!x

    PhotoPuddle - She is the best x


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