Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Food Lovers Paradise

This weekend Baby V attended her first festival at Sefton Park Liverpool. After the downpours of the couple of days previous luckily the sun was shining. It was the opening day of The Liverpool Food and Drink Festival 2010, an amazing celebration of all the delicious and diverse tastes that the city has to offer.

Baby V is a very sociable little girl and so was thrilled with the festival and started to get excited as soon as she saw the crowds of people. She is also an amazing eater and so was more than ready to sample anything that came her way from the stalls ran by many of Liverpool's top restaurants. Me and hubby wondered if we'd get anything for ourselves. This must be why I've just realised that I didn't actually manage to get any pictures of the food!
It was a food lovers paradise and the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Although all that eating and socialising was rather tiring.

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  1. What a fabulous day out!
    Love that 'foot' shot, looks like she is trying to escape the buggy!

  2. Thanks, she probably was! Desperate to run after and hug after any other small people she spied! :)

  3. OOO, I love the sound of that festival....must try and find a similar one around here next year.

  4. Wow this sounds great can't believe I didn't hear about it, would love to have gone!

  5. Nova - it was fab,and a bit more suitable for us than Glastonbury! :)

    Nic's Notebook - Such a shame you didn't know you would have loved it, there's always next year! x


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