Monday, 9 August 2010

A Stitch Timed (August Personal Challenge)

When my mum asked what I wanted for Christmas last year she was surprised to hear the words sewing machine come out of my mouth. Well, I was a mum myself now and after watching Kirsty's homemade Christmas it was glaringly obvious my failings as a domestic goddess where down to the lack of sewing machine in my life. Imagine what I would be able to create if I had one of these machines. How beautiful my home would be. The thoughtful gifts I could make. And John Lewis had some pretty pastel coloured ones for fifty quid.

So I gave up the chance of some Jo Malone goodies for my little pretty pink sewing machine. I eagerly opened the box and located the instructions and added them to my reading pile at the side of my bed. Along with the gorgeous 'sew!' by Cath Kidston book I also received. You know what comes next. There they have stayed (to be fair so has most of the other reading matter) as has the sewing machine settled in nicely to it's new home on top of my wardrobe, all cosy in it's box.

I can't believe it is almost EIGHT months since Christmas (I'll leave the maths to you on how close that means next Christmas is!) I either give up and sell up on eBay or I face up to a new challenge for August, thanks to The Personal Challenge run by @tiddlyompompom. I choose challenge. I want to be the domestic goddess I dreamt of when I opened my wished for parcel last Christmas. I want to decorate my home with beautiful homemade things. I want to make gifts for my loved ones. I want to mend some of my clothes currently held together with a tack.

I'm not a sadist, I don't expect to do all of that this month. But I do want to get the sewing machine out of the box, read the instructions and make a start. This is my Personal Challenge, learn how to use this pretty pink machine, be able to stitch by the end of August. Who knows maybe by Christmas I will be handing out homemade Cath Kidston Lavender bags! Wish me luck.


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