Saturday, 21 August 2010

New boots - not so cybershop Saturday

Today it was all about Baby V. As she is getting more proficient at toddling now we thought we should start looking at some proper footwear for her rather than the pretend (pram) shoes she has now. I want to get her feet measured properly but in the meantime it was too hard to resist some new boots on a trip to Next.

These boots are Ugg like but not in price at £14 and what you can't see from the picture is the sparkly thread running through! (if once Baby V has more of a say in her wardrobe purchases she has an aversion to sparkle Mummy will not be impressed!) In actual fact V did choose some new boots herself and she was so attatched to them we had to get these too.

Seriously since In The Night Garden Live she is about as obseessed with all things Upsy daisy/ Iggle Piggle et al as I am with sparkly things! We also got her a cute pink jumper dress with a cat print on the front (in a similar style to the one Stella McCartney did for Gap last year) some cute leggings with diamonte detailing and this gorgeous stripey coat ready for winter.

It was hard not to buy a lot more there is so much lovely stuff (and I'm not even going to start going on about everything that I want!)


  1. Aww what cute clothes! I almost wish I had a little girl to dress up (that I can give back at the end of the day obviously!).. ;)

  2. adorable, the boots are my fav...

  3. They are both lovely, love the ugg type ones particularly, fancy a pair of them myself! Jen

  4. Nic's Notebook - I have a niece who I got to spoil rotten and then hand back, ah those were the days! ;) Turned out to be wise investments as we're reaping the benefits in hand me downs now!x

    nuttynewmumofone, Jen - yes, they're my faves too, so gorgeous and snuggly looking, I wish I had small enough feet! :)


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