Monday, 23 August 2010

Making me smile on a Monday

Monday's can be pretty yucky. The return to work after the weekend. Even though I don't go to work myself on a Monday it is still depressing waving hubby off. Saying goodbye to the fun times of the weekend and hello to the build up of housework and grumpy baby who is not at all impressed that daddy has gone out and left her. So I thought I should bring some merriment to Monday's and post something that makes me smile, especially important on such a dark and gloomy rainy Monday as today!

I smile when hubby brings me a Cup of Tea in bed in my favourite mug, bought after we had seen Wicked in New York and I had become obsessed by all things green (note it has sparkle too!) On Monday's and Thursday's when I don't have to be up for work he'll get Baby V up with him when she wakes, which affords me a mini lie in. And when it's nearly time for him to leave he'll bring me a Cup of Tea in bed. There is no better sound than that chink of my mug arriving on my bed side table. Tea always tastes good but it tastes even better in bed. It can never fail to make me smile :)


  1. Ah yes, tea in bed :) :) Cool mug as well, love the handle! PS - How many books do you have beside ur bed lol..!!

  2. Everybody should have a bit of bling first thing in the morning!

  3. Nic's Notebook - yes a lot of books! I was always quite bad for having a few books on the go at a time, but since being a mum I've hardly finished any but keep starting others so the pile gets bigger! My hubby goes crazy if he sees me with a new book! :S

    Alethea - yes, bling is always important! :)


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