Friday, 13 August 2010

I want it now!

I know I'm meant to be a grown up but when I came across this today I couldn't help but really want it!

Balloon Dog Necklace from Lally's Closet £79.00. Coincidentally I was only talking about them the other day (actual balloon animals, not necklaces). We went to see In The Night Garden and I may have indulged Baby V a little in getting her a glowy wand and  a helium balloon in spite of the fact I probably should have taken advantage of the fact she's not yet able to pester me for them and possibly wouldn't have been bothered not having them (well it was her first concert). I justified my extravagance to hubby with tales of woe how I didn't get such things when I was little (I'm sure I did every now and then but obviously not everything always!) 

A particular tale that came to my mind was a day out at a theme park involving a balloon animal man. My sister was the chatty toddler while I was the quiet and shy six year old. I looked from a distance at all the mans brightly coloured balloon animals in awe. My sister toddled right over and pointed. Enraptured by her cherubic cheeks and incessant babbling he whipped out a balloon and made her a balloon dog there and then. I could only look on in dismay. By now a crowd was forming around the delighted toddler, interest heightened. There would be no more freebies that day :(

Do people still do balloon animals?


  1. Lol not sure,but its a good point....
    I love that necklace too, great find! ;) xxxx

  2. We took the kids to TGI Fridays' the other day and nearly died laughing when our waiter whipped out a load of balloons. He made them enormous 'submachine guns' instead of poodles though (sign of the times) although he did make me a lovely flower!! x

  3. Ooooh they do!! Last time we were in London on the South Bank there was a guy making whatever you wanted for £1!!! Maybe you could pop along next time you are in the Big Smoke??? x

  4. icklebabe_com - thanks, I am still really wanting it! :)

    English Mum - Oh I'm so jealous (not entirely sure about the machine guns though!) As if I needed any more reasons to love TGI's *dashes off for lunch out* :D

  5. Emma - Wow that is fab and so cheap! *Whatever* you wanted?! ;) I'm dying for a trip to London but we're so far. perhaps I've found my excuse! x


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