Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Great Grandma Mary

My Grandma is one of the most important people in my life and I know I am lucky to have so many amazing memories of her. But I'm greedy, I want Baby V to have some of these memories too. It is a great fear of mine that she might not got that chance.

From the age of six my Grandma was my only grandparent but I never felt I was missing anything, she did more than the work of four. She taught me how to knit and bake. She took me to the local market on Saturdays which I believed was a secret place a bit like the market in Harry Potter! She made the best toast, cakes, ribs and scouse. She always had (okay, still has!) special 'dip in tea' biscuits in when I visited.  She took me to get my ears pierced when I was fourteen. When I had my belly button pierced at Uni she bought me a crop top. When I was homesick on my year abroad she wrote to me. She was so proud when I got married and when I told her I was pregnant she was beyond happy for us. We share a love of books, bargains and a bit of gossip! She always was and still is my greatest ally.

I love this picture. We popped over one day and my uncle was there with my cousin. V doesn't see him so much as he is a busy teenager with school and football commitments every weekend so it was a lovely surprise. We could tell he was excited to see the baby but didn't want to ruin his tough boy image. Baby V was having none of this. She kept looking at him, offering him her toys before moving in for snuggles, boccy and offering him her head for kisses! My Grandma was thrilled to see them like this together, it was one of those unplanned but extra special days to remember.

She laughed as she told me how my cousin has been telling her he wants to come and live with her when he is 16 which is what I used to say to her. She told him, he'd be lucky if she was still around. This is only a couple of years off and I was sad, a bit angry and afraid to hear her say this. She has been ill quite a lot lately but fiercely independent and the proud matriarch of the family I'm always fearful she doesn't tell any of us the full story. As I left I said she'd best be, and best be in another 16 years to give Baby V a chance to say it too!

This post was written for Week 23 of The Gallery for the theme 'A Memory'. Go visit the other entries and enjoy a trip down everyone else's memory lanes.


  1. Awww.. this is so sweet. Good old Grandma's eh - they are brill. I was very close to mine. Hope Baby V grows up with lots of good memories.

  2. Cherish her :-) (I can tell you do!) I lost my grandmother 2 years ago, I think of her most days. My daughter only just remembers her but we talk about her a lot and it keeps Nana alive for both of us.

  3. Nic's Notebook - thanks x They are the best and Baby V is so lucky to have all four grandparents and her great grandma Mary! :)

    kailexness - I'm so sorry to hear about your Nana. It's lovely that you talk about her and keep her memory alive x

  4. Wow! Great Grandmas are truly special! Lovely that you have a photo of her and your little one.Will be a cherished memory!!


  5. Thanks, yes it will. It is notoriously difficult to catch her on camera and this is such a lovely natural picture :)

  6. What a lovely picture, and your Grandma sounds just lush. It is such a special bond to have your grandparents, my last died a little while ago and she was the only one that was alive for Baba. However he still has his daddy granddad or Pops, and Nanny and he is really close to Pops he just loves him and it is so nice to see. As Mr L is really close to his Pops he lived with him from 15 till we moved into together when he was 20 they have a very special relationship xx

  7. Bless, what a lovely picture. She sounds like a lovely Grandma.

  8. andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou - Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents, it's lovely that baba has his daddy's grandparents and I bet they adore him xx

    kateab - Thank you, of course she is the best in the world! x


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