Thursday, 15 July 2010

Toddler Transition

At the weekend Baby V threw her first proper public tantrum. We had been for a walk along the waterfront with her in her smart trike. We stopped off for a mini picnic on the grass. We took it in turns to ‘walk’ Baby V around and around. She loved it. She is a very sociable baby, and I think a bit of a people watcher like her mum. It was a busy day in the bright sun on a Sunday afternoon so there were lots of people out to amuse her. She gave smiles and waves at everyone she passed. She started ‘woof woofing’ at every dog she saw. She tried desperately to reach out to every child walking by. She was entranced by the field of kite flyers. She pointed hopefully at the glistening water.

It started off quite mild. We thought we should head back as it was getting late. We attempted to put Baby V back in her smart trike. She was not impressed. She managed to splay her legs and arms so as to make this impossible. We were stunned, she loves her trike! But she is just finding her feet so ‘walking’ (she can’t do it on her own but only grasps onto one of our little fingers for support) is obviously more exciting right now.

When we (eventually) got back to the car her pace further slowed. She has always been so good at getting in her seat. No matter where we have been or how much fun she has been having she has always accepted it is time to go and settled happily into her seat to be strapped in ready for the off. But not today. As soon as we opened the car door she started crying and wriggling in my grasp. On trying to put her in the seat she arched her back and turned away her face getting steadily redder. We were stunned at this obvious protest to going home. Shocked at her claim for independence which seemed to come out of the blue. And slightly amused by this tantrum throwing baby. We *may* have laughed.

But I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that she is entering a new phase where she is asserting her independence from me every day. She wriggles out of my grasp when she wants to be somewhere else. She prises my hands off her to get down from my knee. She puts her hands up and shakes them in front of her when she doesn’t want me to touch her. She pushes my face away when I try to give her a kiss. She crawls off at top speed when she is caught doing something she shouldn’t. She absolutely refuses to get her nappy changed. And now she won’t get in her car seat.

Sometimes we can’t believe that this little person before us is the same baby who just wanted to be snuggled all day a year ago. Who fed. And burped. And slept. Who was so wholly dependent on us. We marvel at her every development, are amazed at every new trick she learns. We urge her on to try new things, could burst with pride at every milestone she passes (yes, even the tantrum!) I can’t wait for her to take her first steps on her own, but I am also a bit saddened at the thought. That really will mark the transition. Baby to toddler. A whole new chapter is beginning...

This post was written as part of the Writing Workshop over at Sleep is For the Weak using the prompt;

Share your experience of a difficult transition. A moving ‘from’ to ‘something new’’

It’s my first purely writing shop entry (last time I entered the gallery/workshop mash up) Please be kind! x


  1. Oh, your baby will come back sometimes you know. And then, she'll move away....that's life...!

    gaelikaa xxxx

  2. good share. it's strange how great and a little sad it is when our kids move into new phases. they grow up so fast :) enjoy every minute and know that you are definatley not alone!

  3. greatttt- thanks, i know, can be tough tho!x

    tinaoglesby - it is weird, such happiness and excitement with a bit of sadness. It does go so quick. That was the best piece of advice I was given when she was a few weeks old - and I think I do!x

  4. Oh, THanks gods !!! Your baby will come back sometimes you know. And then, she'll move away....that's life...!


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