Saturday, 31 July 2010

Summer Staycation

Today our summer holiday begins. I wish I could say we were going to our pre baby favourite destination of Turkey, or we were off on an another exotic jaunt. But alas no. Finances battered by maternity leave and now part time hours mean a Summer Staycation for us this year.But I am very excited nonetheless. Just three months in I am thankful for a holiday from work and just ecstatic to have hubby off with us too. He is working such long hours of late I am glad he is getting a proper break and quality time to spend with his princess (and Baby V too hee hee!).

We are going to go on lots of days out, starting with In the Night Garden live this evening! My family are quite amused by how excited I am. I have been making sure Baby V watches plenty of In the Night Garden in preparation and keep giving her the toys to play with and books to read. I'm hoping she might recognise the characters on stage but if nothing else I know she will just love being surrounded by all the other kids. I'm excited by the tuck shop. Hubby is looking forward to the Pinky Ponk.

The biggest problem with a Staycation is our oh so lovely British weather. It seems a lifetime ago when (dare I say it) it was almost too hot. We toyed with the idea of taking our holidays then and had a few days out but didn't want to take all our hols up so early in the summer. I don't think there has been a day it hasn't rained here these past three weeks, and I mean rained. It hasn't yet today and I'm just hoping this coming week is looking up. Chester Zoo and the Seaside just aren't the same in torrential downpours.

But days in can be nice too. Possibly venturing into bad mummy territory but I am so relieved that Baby V is taking more of an interest in the TV these past couple of weeks. She actually stops still and watches it for minutes on end! So a movie day snuggled on the rug with lots of goodies is a rainy day plan. Hubby and me are already fighting over which animated classics we'll be watching. And I'm looking forward to introducing her to finger painting, not words the clean freak in me ever thought I'd utter! But I want some prints of her little hands before they get ever bigger. And I want hubby to paint the lounge anyway.

I try and stay upbeat but I am disappointed not to be able to take Baby V on a proper holiday this year. I have such amazing memories of all the holidays I was lucky enough to go on growing up and I want her to have the same thing. Hopefully next summer it will be something we can afford, and she'll be that bit older to probably enjoy it more and possibly even start forming those memories of her own!


  1. I'm sure with a few well planned days out you won't feel like you're missing out on too much, and you'll have some lovely family memories too. These little people have a way of turning even a trip to a local park into a really lovely day that you remember for a long time if they're in the right frame of mind...
    Have fun!

  2. Thank you, we are having a fab time so far, there is so much to do that we wouldn't be able to if we had gone away. And think the most memorable thing is going to be that she is starting to toddle around! x


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