Monday, 26 July 2010

One step at a time...

Baby V had something on her mind tonight. Generally she is very good at going to bed, pretty much always has been. This evening she was definitely tired, following me around rubbing her eyes, so bath and bed it was. And at first she did go down, snuggled up amongst all her toys. A short while later I found her standing upright, she'd been rudely awakened, a nappy change was needed!

More snuggles, clean and fresh and she was back down, all be it babbling away. Then hubby came in and she was upright again, her babbles turning to cries. He went in for a cuddle hoping to settle her but she wanted none of it, she was struggling to get down. Dinner was almost ready so we decided to let her play on the rug while we ate.

For one who had been so tired she seemed to be getting more and more lively. She started doing these crazy moves where she went from standing wiggling her hands to flinging herself onto the floor, consumed by the giggles. Mmmm so much for winding down. We had to join in the fun, if only to stop her from doing herself some serious injury!

And then they came. She had for some weeks now been teetering on the brink but never ventured over. She had had such strong legs ever since she was born (actually make that before she was born she could do some hoofing in there!) we had always thought it would happen sooner. But tonight 3 days away from being 14 months she did it at last.

I was sat a couple of metres away and this time when she got up instead of flinging herself back down she held her hands steady and her eyes on mine and somehow one little foot moved in front of the other. I held my breath. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. EIGHT. And then she did fling herself forward but this time it was into my arms for cuddles, kisses and even more giggles. My baby had walked.

We were thrilled now that we had let her stay up. Hubby is working long hours lately and she will be at each of her grandparents the next couple of days while I do my full days at work, so it is so special to us that we both got to witness these first precious steps. It's as though she stayed up especially. Not that she was all that keen on going to bed afterwards either. Or walking again. But one step at a time...


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