Saturday, 31 July 2010

Good for You Chocolate Brownies - honest!(?)

I have been dying to enter English Mum's Big Bake off, but having started the Personal Challenge for July I have had to hold off on baking all sorts of delicious goodies until now. I would have liked to experiment more, lets face it any excuse to eat cake! But obviously that is exactly what I have been trying not to do.

First I suppose I should tell you of my July Challenge result. Drum roll please....I lost 5 pounds! It is not the significant amount I would have liked to lose. I can give the excuse of being ill a couple of weeks in so all I wanted to do was eat comfort food and my exercise plan went out the window! But lets face I wasn't ill this week and I didn't make it back out for a run though I was eating more healthily. Still it is something and therefore should be celebrated, and so I baked these:

Triple chocolate brownies with cream cheese frosting. Oh, and a strawberry. Obviously this means that they are actually good for you. Not to mention the fact they are made with Green and Blacks! Yes I know, no extra points for bribery, but I couldn't help but be inspired by the amazing prize. And really, any excuse for chocolate!


  1. Hey, well done, 5lbs sounds good going to me. And wow, your brownies look delicious!

  2. Thanks, it's a definite start! Way too scared to get back on the scales after the brownies and other goodies tho!x

  3. Gosh they look amazing!!! Well done on losing the 5lb as well....that's fab!!!

  4. Thanks, they were delicious even if I do say so myself, itching to make some more! It's quite possible it's not 5lb any more but we're on our hols so will worry about it next week! x


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