Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cybershop Saturday

Sadly I’m not going to Cybermummy. Even more sadly, as is the way these days, I can’t go shopping to cheer myself up. However that doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a little Cybershop!
These are some of the items cheering me up just to look at:
Ok so I’m a bit depressed that they are totally out of my reach! On my wish list then:
So pretty, would go with anything really and maybe a possible purchase for the wedding I’m off to next month if I fit into an existing dress by then and so don’t have to buy a new one!
I am a miracle shoe fanatic. I was probably one of the first to own a pair of MBTs back in the day despite their bit weird look. Now I have Earth boots in the Winter, fitflops in the summer, Reebok easytones winging their way to me thanks to @cafebebe's Just Vlog it. I hate to think where my bum would actually be if I didn’t spend the majority of my time in these miraculous inventions! I mostly shun any other footwear choices because of this, and I do miss my pretty shoes. Which is why I was thrilled to discover these pretty additions to the fitflop range:

I seriously want, no NEED!
I’ve quite enjoyed this today, maybe this is how every Saturday should be from now on – Cybershop Saturday! Ok then off to see what I can sell on ebay...


  1. ooh! i love your taste in shoes and accessories!! thanks for taking us along on your cybershop x

  2. Thanks, I'm perhaps a bit obsessed with all things sparkly! x


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