Saturday, 5 June 2010

What a difference a year makes

This time last week Baby V turned 1. Where on earth did that year go?! We can scarcely believe that this time last year she was a little scrunched up bundle who slept, drank and liked being cuddled all day. Now she has taken a bit of an aversion to sleep, much prefers to eat everything in sight and is far too busy for cuddles! (sob) It astonishes me how our tiny baby is now turning into this little girl before our eyes and yet I hardly noticed it happen. What a difference a year makes.

They say there is never a right time to have a baby, that you are never truly ready, and that you can never imagine how much it will change your life. And yes ‘they’ are right. Baby V took us a bit by surprise but I am glad she did as I am not sure when I would have ever have decided I was completely ready. I have had more than a few setbacks in my career, each time I thought I might be settled having to start over. At least at the time I fell pregnant I was in a more secure job, not a career of choice, but one which would at least afford me maternity leave.

I am not sure what I ever imagined Motherhood to be. I have a young niece and nephew whom I was always grateful to be able to hand back so I knew it would be hard work! But of course I also knew how amazing these little people are and how they fill our hearts with joy. From playing with my dolls as a little girl and being fascinated with other people’s babies to becoming an enthusiastic aunt I think I just assumed that one day it would happen to me too.

And it is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. In some ways I wish I had done it sooner but then would I now appreciate it as much and be the mummy I am today? Possibly not. I am definitely glad not to have waited any longer. I cannot imagine our life without our little lady. She has completed our family and consolidated our love. We may not have the biggest house or the best car, but we do have limitless love and this we give to Baby V everyday.



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