Monday, 28 June 2010

Next week has finally arrived...

So here goes. I’ve been a bit of a slow starter with my blog as I was worried about revealing too much, babbling on boring everyone, afraid of putting myself out there. Now I think this may be the perfect way (or perfectly stupid!) of kick starting me into some sort of diet and fitness regime. Baby V was born almost 13 months ago now. Ever since then I have been thinking ‘next week I’ll start running’ ‘next week I’ll eat healthier’ ‘next week I’ll cut out the chocolates’. Obviously ‘next week’ never came, or rather it came all too quickly before I was able to put any sort of plan into action! So now I’m telling you, in the hope that this will provide the motivation I need.

I know there are many of us in the same boat. It is so hard to get out of bad eating habits, grabbing a biscuit as I’m too busy doing stuff for the baby to make something proper. Consoling myself with chocolate in front of the TV after a tough day. Finding time to exercise when I’m never alone anymore. But I am desperate to do it. I’m fed up of moaning to hubby that I’m fat, of not being able to wear my nice summer clothes from 2 years ago before I was pregnant, of not owning any jeans as I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any until I was a better weight!

And it’s not just the scales. It’s an urge to be fitter and healthier as an example to my daughter. She is so good at eating fruit and I’m so bad. Already she wants what I have and I want to get into better eating habits before she notices this! Also I’m aware that I carry more weight around my middle now which I never did before and of the health implications of this, so I need to fix it to make sure I’m in tip top condition to keep up with my toddler.

I won’t bore you with weights and measurements and there’ll certainly be no before and after pics (I’m not that brave!), but I’ll let you know how much I lose. Half a stone would be a great start. A stone is probably the most realistic target. A stone and a half would be my wedding day weight and the stuff of fairytales! I know these aren’t massive amounts but they are huge to me and would do wonders for my self esteem and wardrobe options!

I have a goal to aim for. We are going to a wedding on the 1st August. There will be lots of people there from the days when I was skinny and wrinkle free (and yet frustratingly I didn’t realise it back then!) who I haven’t seen for years and I know it’s vain but I want them to see a (physical) version of me more like the one then than the one now. More importantly if I don’t manage to fit into any of my old dresses then I won’t be going anywhere!

I may meet murmurs of disapproval, but I know I need to kick start my body into action, cut out all the bad stuff and bring in the good, and so I’m going to embark on the celebrity slim regime at least to start with. I also know that really exercise is the key. I do already walk a lot, but obviously this is not enough. Higher impact is needed and so when hubby gets in this evening I will be going for a run (eek!). Yes ‘next week’ has finally arrived (huge gulp).


  1. Good luck! I know what you mean, it's all too easy to never manage to fit any exercise in, my little on is 17 months and I've still not managed to get started again (not that I was very good at doing much before). The ubiquitous biscuits at any baby thing you go to don't help do they?

  2. Thank you, I'm trying to get up extra early for a run but it's not easy! And meeting friends in lovely coffee shops does not help either!x


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