Monday, 7 June 2010

Mummy's don't get sick?

Why didn’t anybody tell me that Mummy’s still got sick? In all those years of various childhood illnesses even stemming into adulthood I don’t remember my mum or dad being sick too. Obviously they must have been sometimes but we never knew it, at least as far as I recall. Even now when I’m sick I have a tendency to want for my mum. I thought one of a parent’s superpowers must be that they no longer get sick, or at least not too badly. Sadly I am realising this is not the case.

This weekend hubby has been amazing looking after me and Baby V. Unfortunately today he had to go to work and leave us to it and the thought this morning almost had me sobbing ‘I want my mum’. Baby V is coping much better than her Mummy. She is snuffly and gets a bit sad when she remembers this in between her happy playing. But snuggles and cuddles have her settled again. Unfortunately my cold has gone to my chest leaving me struggling for breath when rocking my ever heavier buba! But I am just hoping her cold doesn’t go this way too, I couldn’t bear to see her suffer more.

It is the greater instinct to protect which overtakes us as parents which is the real superpower. I know even now my parents still do this to us. A few years back my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. It was in the weeks leading up to my sister’s wedding and even though he underwent an operation the week before they didn’t tell us. It was only the next day when they had the hospital results that he would need further treatment that they eventually told us. Even then though I took him to most of his appointments he managed to hide the extent of the side effects he suffered from me.

Thankfully my dad fully recovered. He laughs now and says it was his own fault because whenever we were sick when we were little he asked God (despite being the apparently non religious protestant married into a very catholic family) to take all our pain away and give it to him instead. It just took Him a while for the payback! He jokes he shouldn’t have done it, but I know he’d do it all again. I’m doing exactly the same right now.


  1. Being sick and having to look after a child is just awful. I remember being ill when DD1 was very small - we spent all day in bed while I dozed, breastfed and tried to amuse her with various toys. Horrible.

    Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to post on your blog at least!

  2. Thankyou, I suddenly got so much better by tea time. Good job too as poor buba had dreadful night, I would much rather have still been the sicker one. Thankfully much more peaceful now.


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