Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Motherhood - The Gallery

In a little time I had on Twitter this evening I came across a number of links to Motherhood posts on this weeks Gallery, and they were all so amazing that I decided I wanted to join in too. So I hope you don't mind. Of course Motherhood is a journey which everyday has its challenges and rewards. I don't know exactly where this journey will take me but I'm loving the ride. My entry is the picture which immediately sprung to my mind of when it all began;

I couldn't take my eyes off her. She couldn't take her eyes off me. It had been one hell of a journey already and yet we both knew this was only the beginning. This was Motherhood.


  1. What a gorgeous photo and you don't look bad for just giving birth I have to say. Welcome to the gallery x

  2. That's very kind of you, thankyou. We love it, we couldn't get over how intently she was looking at me when she had just been born, an amazing moment x

  3. LOL! I was gonna say how I wished I looked that good! Lovely post <3

  4. Sian - MummyTips / CyberMummy Here...... I've just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.
    Do add to your blogroll if you like what you read...

  5. Thankyou all for your kind words. Kookoocachu I think the lighting was especially kind I was actually a spectacular shade of grey!x


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