Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Emotions - The Gallery/ Writing Workshop

Already quite new to The Gallery, this week also makes me a newbie to The Writing Workshop. A tough but enjoyable challenge, especially given the theme – Emotions. In the end I chose the emotion we often discuss with disbelief at how much has been brought into our life this past year. Even when a day has felt hard you can guarantee we have smiled and laughed more than we could have ever imagined before.

The star of the show is as almost always of course Baby V. I searched through our archives of photos and narrowed it down to about a dozen. I was trying to decide how to present them and this one stood out. Baby V turning the camera on me! Obviously fed up of being always the subject she grabbed the camera from me and this was the result, not bad for a first attempt! Baby V has summed up best the emotion I was trying to explain with the words.


She finds it in the simplest things

Seeing her toys when she wakes in the morning

Finding a forgotten snack in her changing bag

Recognising the trees as we drive up her grandparents drive

Playing, dancing, laughing

We all find it in her

She brings it to us in bucketfuls

She gives it to us everyday

Even the strangers she greets with her smile

Pure, simple, unadulterated



  1. This is just lovely :D Gorgeous photo, such a big beautiful smile :) Jen

  2. Thank you, I couldn't believe she managed to capture me!x

  3. This is so lovely you have a budding photographer there how clever is she and love the blog xx

  4. Aw, clever girlie! And lovely sentiment. :)

  5. Thanks, I think she was just desperate to wrestle the camera from me!

  6. So cute! :) Love the poem and the pic! I have a few pictures like that when my niece tried to take the camera!

  7. Thank you, they must get fed up with us always pointing the camera at them!x


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