Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Malaysian Monkeys - and Friends

I got a bit sidelined looking through my photo archives for my gallery post the last couple of days. As soon as I saw the title I intended to post on my lovely cat. I got some pictures together last night but then this evening when looking for some pictures of him as a kitten I got sidetracked in our Honeymoon pictures (we got him shortly after we got home making us a ‘proper’ little family).

There were a lot of feelings going through my mind as I flicked through these honeymoon pics. Nostalgia of the amazing time we had. Wonder at the amazing places we’d visited. Sadness that we wouldn’t be going anywhere like that again for some time to come. Despair that we wouldn’t be going anywhere abroad for some time to come. Admiration quickly followed by depression at my pretty hot-now-not bod :( And surprise at my unrecognised obsession for taking pics of any creatures I come across anywhere! (Obviously this was pre-cat, pre-baby times.)

So I thought instead I would share a few images of the creatures we came across on our honeymoon to Malaysia. (I have already posted about our lovely kitty here so I’m not totally shoving his nose out!)

Hubby has a captive audience for once.

She’s not backwards in coming forwards!

A not too welcome greeting when we left our hut one morning after a big storm.

Hopefully the only other birds catching hubby's eye at the pool.

Me and hubby after too long in the sun.


  1. Brilliant photos, lol at the last one :D

  2. Thank you. What you can't tell from the picture is how massive those things were!

  3. Malaysia? Very very jealous! Looks like you were on some kind of safari the number of animals you've snapped!

  4. It was amazing, feels like a dream now, if I didn't have the pics not sure I'd believe it'd ever happened!

  5. Oh my word. So fantastic. My son would DIE of happiness if he was surrounded by all of those adorable monkeys. Oh my heart. He has been asking for a pet monkey for years. Thankfully they are illegal in Pennsylvania where we live or I am sure he would have talked me into one by now!

  6. Ah, that is cute! I had a puppet monkey when I was little that I loved so much. To be honest I was a bit scared of them leaping all over us!


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