Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Just Vlog It - Family Fitness Fun!

Today has been an eventful day. I had my 1st official day as a working mummy, back at work for the 1st time in over a year, handing Baby V over to her grandparents for a fun filled day.  Then the news of Gordon Brown and his lovely family leaving Downing Street and there is a new PM on the block. If I'd seen that when I first got home there might have been even more tears.

As if all that really wasn't enough now I'm entering the May Just Vlog It challenge! I have watched from the sidelines and while I thought it looked fab and sounded fun I was way too afraid to enter myself. I don't think I ever imagined I'd actually do it and yet here we are. I felt the fear but did it anyway!


  1. WELL DONE YOU!!! It's FAB! I love it...excellent effort and thanks so much for entering your FIRST JUST VLOG IT challenge. Adorable! ;)

  2. Thankyou, I'm just so glad I managed it in the end, realised last minute I hadn't even considered how to get it on my blog! Sending virtual brownies your way...


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