Sunday, 9 May 2010

Julie, Julia and Me!

I saw the movie Julie and Julia over the weekend at long last. I have been dying to see it at the cinema and received it from love film over a week ago. My mum saw it a few weeks ago and raved to me about it. She said it reminded her of me so much because of how Julie wants to be a writer, hates her office job where people ring up and tell her all their problems, and loves to cook when she gets home to de stress. What is weird is, I probably did know but had forgotten, that Julie writes a blog about her experience and what my mum doesn’t know is that I recently started my blog!

And she was right, that really is like me. I have always wanted to be a writer, more specifically a novelist. But I have never actually completed a novel and am way too afraid to send anything away in case it really is so very bad. In my own little dream world I had hoped that while on maternity leave I would have plenty of time to write and complete my much anticipated novel. Of course the reality is with a baby to look after 24/7 I have less time than ever before!

I would love to challenge myself like Julie did with the recipes of Julia Child but I’m afraid that at the moment about to return to work and with an 11 month old baby to look after I just couldn’t achieve it. I also suspect all the ingredients necessary might be a bit out of our financial reach right now. And I bet there are a load of blogs out there at the mo doing exactly the same thing. I will though continue to cook up such culinary delights as we can afford (which can in itself get rather creative!) and bake as I do most weekends. Might just keep an eye out for a new cook book tho...

It is the baking that I find the most therapeutic, just putting together those most raw ingredients which fill the home with such amazing aromas as they bake and produce the yummiest result! I’ll leave you with some pics of some of my most recent efforts.

Hubby bought me The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook for my last birthday as cupcakes are my favourite. Here’s a yummy Red Velvet and a Lemon cupcake.

I also like to bake and ice the traditional style fairy cakes as my Grandma taught me.

And a little invention of my own for the weekend...

 and served with a glass of Pimms!

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