Thursday, 27 May 2010

Here I do vow...

I started back at work 3 weeks ago and unfortunately it has kept me away from doing better with my blog as I am always promising myself. However in spite of this I have had a couple of successes these past few weeks which I am thrilled about. A couple of posts ago you may have seen that I was inspired to enter ‘Just Vlog It’ run by Karin @cafebebe. It wasn’t something I had previously envisaged myself doing but when I saw the theme I had an idea and when I saw the prize I knew we had to give it a shot.

I couldn’t believe it when I actually won the titles of ‘Best newcomer’ and ‘Just Vlog it runner up’! I think I may have some v proud (of their beautiful Baby V) family members to thank for all their support. Of course winning fabulous prizes including Reebok Easytones is wonderful but it has to be said it was the taking part that really mattered. It occupied my mind approaching and during that dreaded first week back at work after maternity leave and having to leave my buba. I learnt lots about editing, uploading etc. I was forced to face my fear of putting myself on camera. Taking up the challenge threw me headfirst into the world of vlogging, and I have to say I’m eager to get back in!

Then earlier this week after a yucky day at work and all of us suffering the after effects of some weird bug I checked Twitter to find a tweet from @fuelmyblog that I was Blog of the Day! I was amazed. I’ve no idea how or why they decided on me, but I’m glad they did. To see my little blog in the top corner of their page filled me with pride. Someone must have read me!!!

And so it shows, with a little effort I can achieve some success. Hopefully some of what I do write might be of interest to others. And so, here I do vow, to be a better blogger, to write more, and also, to read more of YOU!


Thank you for your comments, they make my day! :)