Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Time Flies...

I can’t believe how fast the last 12 months have gone. This time last year I had finished work and was waiting for Baby V to arrive. I was so sure that she’d be early as I am so like my mum (I am the image of her at my age and find myself more and more thinking ‘I sounded just like my mum then’ or ‘that is just what my mum would have done’!) and had suffered dreadful morning sickness just like her and I was 6 weeks early. I never imagined for one minute that she would be a day late, never mind 2 weeks and then need inducing!

She has been an amazingly good baby, I know we are lucky. Sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing when friends talk about how much their baby cries/wakes in night/is grumpy because I don’t have too many similar stories! Our parents say it is because we were both good babies and are generally quite calm people so that rubs off on V. But don’t hate me too much, she is developing a little temper of her own now when she is tired and doesn’t get her own way! (I thought this wouldn’t happen until she was 2?) One of her favourite ways to express this is at the moment is to pinch and bite her mummy!

She knows how to work a crowd tho and doesn’t much show this side to others! At the supermarket now it takes us forever to get around as she is always reaching out to strangers who stop and chat and can’t believe how cheery she is. (I think like her mummy she might like supermarkets a bit too much) And then she waves goodbye for so long they have to come back to chat again! At large gatherings she is the model baby. Showing none of the shyness her mummy would in a room full of strangers, the munchkin revels in being the centre of attention showing off all her tricks and never showing a hint of tiredness despite missing naps.

I think it is since Christmas especially that Baby V seems to have changed so much so continuously.Six ½ months old then, she had just mastered sitting up unsupported. Christmas came at just the right time because, to much of our families surprise, she actually was excited by all the presents (admittedly possibly not quite as much as me) and she always loves seeing all her extended family. Now she is crawling for England, trying to climb, starting to stand unaided, loving feeding herself, choosing which toys she wants to play with and quickly learning all sorts of tricks that her daddy teaches her! These past four months have definitely gone the fastest.


So in six weeks our beautiful girl will be 1. I seriously cannot believe it and it’s terrifying to realise that if the rest of the years go this fast she’ll be 18 before we know it (not to mention how old we’ll be by then!) I do feel a bit sad that my baby is turning into a little girl but I love watching her grow and learn. Every day we marvel at something new she does, at how amazing she is. One of the best pieces of advice I was given was ‘Enjoy every minute of her’ which is something I always think back to and although time has flown by I do believe we have. This past year has made us happier than we could have ever believed possible and is full of memories we will cherish forever.

Thank you Baby V for coming into our life and making it better everyday xx

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