Monday, 26 April 2010

A Born Free Breakthrough

We recently received some Born Free bottles to review for the lovely Mums Like You Website. The very kind people at Born Free also enclosed for us level 2 and 3 teats and the best bottle cleaning brush we have ever seen and used with its brilliant spongy brush head. We decided to go straight for the level 3 teats which did seem very fast flowing to me but Baby V had no problems and is happy with the speed of flow.

Baby V is 10 months old and whilst thoroughly enjoying family meals she still loves her 3 bottles a day. I wondered if she might be too used to her usual bottles by now but she took to the Born Free bottles with ease.

Born Free bottles are made from 100% Bisphenol-A free Plastic, Phthalates and PVC. I have noticed a fair amount of media lately about BPA and its effects. Research shows small amounts of it may leach into bottle contents, especially when heated. Worrying as I wasn’t aware of this when we bought her previous bottles. I would certainly choose BPA free next time because even the smallest risk is too great as far as I’m concerned where our precious little babies are concerned.

Born Free bottles have a revolutionary anti-colic device which is much smaller than that in our usual bottles meaning they fit easily into a standard steriliser. Two sections comprising an innovative air vent and unique inner valve fit together to reduce colic symptoms and minimise the risk of middle-ear infections. I can’t testify to its effectiveness on colic unfortunately as she is beyond this stage although I have to say that luckily we never even encountered it. I have read other reports though and these are very positive.

The bottles have a nice solid feel to them and lovely contoured shape. This proved to be one of the best features for us. Although Baby V will insist on feeding herself everything else, when it comes to her bottles she refuses to hold them. However this week a breakthrough has occurred and she is starting to keep hold by herself! I do think this is thanks to the sturdiness of the Born Free bottles which she likes the feel of so much she hangs onto her bottle to play with long after it is finished. I will definitely be seeking out the training cups.

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