Thursday, 4 March 2010

Buba's 1st World Book Day

As I read on Twitter this morning about school children  being dressed up for World Book Day I thought it might be nice given how much I just love books for me and buba to celebrate at home. I resisted the temptation to pop to Asda and see what costumes they had but remembered that she does have a couple of tutu skirts. I chose her pink one and a pink headband and liked to think she was channeling Silky the Fairy from Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree stories. Judging by her sudden desire to try on all of her shoes I think that she thought she was Cinderella!

The munchkin and I are lucky enough to be members of the Flying Start Mummy Bloggers Book Club and we were thrilled today when the delivery man brought our package from Pan Macmillan, especially so as it was World Book Day and we could now celebrate in style! Infact we could celebrate with bubbles as we had been sent 2 lovely bath books.

I recognised the look of Baby's First Bath Book: Animals by Jo Moon as the first book we ever bought for our daughter was from the same series (Baby's Very First Book: Faces by John Fordham) which she has loved for many different reasons as she has grown. So I knew we were onto a hit as soon as I saw the distinctive black and white cover with mirror on the front.

Bubble bath ready I fixed the book to the side of the bath with the very handy sucker attachment. I lowered the munchkin into the bath to discover the book herself, which she did immediately. She was so excited mouth wide open and clenching and unclenching her fingers in the air before she reached out to grasp hold and take a look at herself in the mirror! This is such a great feature as for some time now she has been fascinated by her own reflection and so it instantly got her attention.

We turned the pages together as I read to her what the pictures were. She was just as excited with each new animal (though I struggled to make the sound effect for whale and penguin!) Opposite to each animal there is a different pattern of circle and star shapes which she gazed at intently, the high-contrast images working their magic. Once we had been through a couple of times she kept hold herself turning the pages back and forth, they were easy for her to handle, always returning to look at her own cheeky face in the mirror!

This book was most definitely a success in our house and it turned bath time into another learning experience which we both loved. Happy World Book Day!

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