Sunday, 21 March 2010

Baby Einstein Part III

So much stuff has happened the past couple of weeks I realise I forgot a few important bits so here's one more for now. Can I just say how amazing it is to watch our little princess in her cot when she has just woken up and is amusing herself with her toys before she even requests our attendance. But I will be off in a sec to get her for breakfast.

Re her ability with the phone the other morning hubby was up with the princess while I was lying in bed thinking about joining them. I was jolted upright by the shrill sound of my mobile at which I was whisked back in time to my days as a flight attendant on standby and I thought I was being called in for a duty and started panicking over whether I had a clean blouse. Hubby came in "Who is calling you at this time?"(6.45) I remembered I was a trolley dolly no more and we scrambled to find the offending phone. I grasped it and looked at the screen and then him "It's you!" (well on the screen it actually said me which momentarily confused me even more until I remembered we had recently switched sims). At which point he went off to find his phone with me in close pursuit. And I think you know where we found it. Oh yes, it was in the hands of the munchkin. Giving her mummy a wakeup call.

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