Sunday, 21 March 2010

Baby Einstein Part II

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by and I seem to not have a minute spare, there is so much stuff to sort out at home at the mo and the impending doom that is the return to work. And then of course there is the Baby Einstein who appears to be coming on leaps and bounds with every passing day.

It was two weeks ago at the weekend when hubby was shouting me excitedly as he was witnessing the buba flying across the kitchen towards cat's dishes. He was amazed at the speed and agility she was displaying and the determination she had to reach those dishes before anyone should stop her, least of all cat who prides himself on his speed and agility on all fours. He only got a faint nod from me as of course I had been privy to this behaviour every day the past week and frankly I was just glad there was someone else here to chase after her this time. (At which she can't help but let her determination slip to succumb to a fit of the giggles).

Since then her mobility has gone from strength to strength. The speed at which she can get across a room is making me wonder if the 2012 Olympics might well be within our grasp. And when she gets up from her knees onto her toes I have visions of proudly watching my daughter the prima ballerina performing with the Royal Ballet. After watching Amy Williams win gold at the Winter Olympics I had to resist the temptation to let her go down the toboggan slide at the swimming baths the other day I. But I know she'd be faster.

Vocally she also seems to be increasing her repertoire. We are sure she has now added 'Hiya' to her sketch with the phone. Victoria Wood had better watch her female comic genius crown. There is no doubt her mamas and dadas respond to the correct person. And this weekend she appears to like to give 'daddy' his full title. From my camp there is neither confirmation nor denial on this.

Putting her to bed is a lot tougher than it used to be. If she doesn't think she is ready for bed not only does she now sit herself up in a flash but on occasion I have looked in to find her trying to haul herself up, hands on the bars peering back out at me. That had just better not be a vision of the future.

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