Saturday, 6 February 2010

Woo hoo I've won!

Yipee just won my first competiton on Twitter! It's not an expensive prize but still feels great, after all it's the winning that counts!(Of course I'll teach my daughter the taking part blurb but really who are we all kidding with that?) And it's only my third day of 'comping' so just imagine what my next prize might be! I ruined it a little bit because of course I was so excited to see my name I shouted out to hubby before I even knew what I'd won. Then I realised it would have been a good Valentines present for him but never mind. I can never keep secrets from him anyway. If ever I buy him something that I think I'll keep as a surprise I can't help but let him see it generally within the hour. As for him buying me surprises I have such fixed ideas of what I want I daren't let him. And I don't mean him buying the wrong thing but paying the wrong price, it would take all the joy out of it if I thought he'd paid more than he could have!

I am bargain obsessed. Our supermarket shop consists of  whatever is on offer down the central aisle. I am so excited when I see on the bill how much we've saved. Yes I am quite sad but having the cupcake and being on maternity leave has meant we've had to learn to be more shrewd and I'm proud of how far we've come. It's beyond me how a not on offer bar of chocolate/magazine/box of cakes finds it's way into the trolley each week tho. Must go think some celebration chocolate is called for. And I'm itching to check my Twitter. I think I may be addicted (to them both)

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