Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cupcake Chaos

Cupcakes are another of my passions. Before we had our own little cupcake, or even when she was very little, I was able to have a bake off more often. Now that she's into everything these are increasingly more difficult as I daren't take my eyes off her for too long (although at the moment ahe's having such a good nap I wish I had got the mixer out!)

But at the weekend it was my MILs birthday and I wanted to make something special for her first bday as a Nana. I've seen the posh boxes of cakes and always though 'I could do that' so now was the time to try. Spent Saturday quizzing hubbie on what she would like (part of the reason I decided to embark on the project was that he always says she likes cakes like him and cupcakes would be a great present but now he was saying she didn't like buttercream! Dug to the bottom of this, buttercream would be okay if didn't taste of butter(?) Worked round this by deciding on lemon flavour cupcakes, mini chocolate ganache cupcakes and iced fairy cakes with the all important 'Nana' lettering.

Once munchkin was tucked up the baking began. And it went so well at first. The lemon cakes came out the oven perfectly risen, hubbie was happy eating the chocolate cake mix. Then I realised I did not have enough caster sugar for the last batch so hubbie was packed off to Asda. Our very own cupcake decided she was missing out on something so I brought her in to help me make the ganache desperately trying not to get her covered! When daddy came back he had to spend quite a while getting her back to sleep while I cracked on. And crack I did, the pyrex dish I'd mixed the ganache in. Pretty much just threw it onto the kitchen floor and would never had believed how many millions of pieces it could shatter into!

That's how we came to be hoovering at ten to one in the morning, and then as I iced the amazing hubbie tackled the tower of dishes. It probably all only seemed so bad because it was so late but I didn't want to be worrying over finishing them in the morning, it takes us long enough to get out the house with the munchkin as it is these days! And the cupcakes were taking shape. Hubbie/chief taster was in his element stuffed with various sponges and toppings. I'd already covered a tin with pretty paper so by 1.30am the task was accomplished, the Birthday gift prepared...

They did look very pretty and taste rather yummy even if I do say so myself! As for whether my mum will be getting any for her birthday next week, well, maybe if she wasn't called 'Grandma' she'd be in with a better chance.

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