Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Baby Einstein

I know we won't be the first or last parents to say this but we really do think our little princess is the cleverest baby ever! Some of the things she is doing this week are really amazing us. I called her daddy at work one day last week and at the end of the conversation I put the phone to her ear so she could hear him say bye bye. I don't do this too much partly as I'm worried about submitting her to mobile phone radiation and also hubby's not to keen on me making him speak to buba when there are others around him at the office. When we'd finished of course she wanted my phone. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back I could swear she had it held to her ear! I took it away for a bit and when I gave her it back she did it again! Of course then I had to call her daddy and make him speak to her no matter how many people were in earshot, after all she was obviously yearning for his voice.

A couple of days ago she was struggling a bit with a runny nose so we struggled to take her temperature. We have one of those scanner thermometers that we hold to her forehead and of course what we had she wanted so one of us had to hold her arms while the other took the reading. Again when finished I let her have the thermometer to play with. It was keeping her quiet on my knee while I was engrossed in an Australian soap (yes guilty pleasure) when I heard dramatic loud whispers coming from hubby who was pointing at buba. It was unbelievable but she was holding the scanner to her head AND pressing the button! Her temperature was fine even after a second opinion.

Today me and the baby Einstein were sat at opposite ends of the sofa, me with my cup of tea and a sneaky chocolate digestive, she with a finger of toast. She loves her finger food so much and was babbling and chewing away merrily. Then she seemed to stop and take her toast out of her mouth looking from me to her toast to my cup and she lurched towards me onto all fours. I do believe she'd seen me dip my bikkie into my tea (yes another guilty pleasure) and she wanted to do the same! I sat her back up, took her toast and pretended to dip it before handing it back. She giggled with delight, had a munch and offered it back to me. I 'dipped' again, she squealed again, then chomped again and this continued until she'd eaten every last crumb. My worry now is how long before she wants access to my chocolate digestive stash?

In case you were wondering she'd be nine months old at the beginning of next week, that's if there were more than 28 days this month in which case as there aren't she'll have to stay at eight months, which will instantly make her seem even cleverer than her peers and we won't know what to do with our pride.


  1. Can she come & teach my 10mth old a few things? The only thing Oli still wants to do to objects like mobiles/toy phones is stick them in his mouth and have a good chew! Cant wait for him to get past that stage! :)

  2. Oh she does still do that too although she prefers to put things in that I then have to fish out like magazines and tissues, thinks she likes to hear me squeal when she bites down on my finger!


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