Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Addicted to Stationary

One of the reasons I have always been hesitant about setting up a blog is that I absolutely adore stationary. I have never been able to walk past a stand of notebooks and pens without browsing. I own so many it is almost ridiculous. It is definitely an addiction. If my husband catches me looking he knows better these days than to utter those futile words "But don't you already have a few of those..." or "what about the one you bought the other week?" Instead he dutifully remembers which I liked for any upcoming occasion that may require a present. I cannot think of many things better than opening a brand new notebook and writing in it with a brand new pen. Is it the promise of what wonderful things might yet fill its pages?

I could not bear the thought of a new year starting without any new stationary, and so a couple of days in I managed to pick up a lovely new diary in the sale in Boots, pretty floral with striking silver edged pages. Luckily hubbie had already provided a pen (disguised as a crystal encrusted lipstick! Perfect for my handbag) as a stocking filler. I would rather have more but I am on maternity leave in the midst of a credit crunch. And besides I need to try and use my blog as a notebook now. And as an inspiration to make it as enticing as new stationary I have just read Tara Frey’s ‘Blogging for Bliss’, so as well as posting more frequently I need to try some of the techniques to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing.

Of course my blog can’t replace my always faithful notebook and pen in my handbag, but maybe that is something a netbook could address...

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