Monday, 9 November 2009

Little ball of black fluff

Last post I said that I was a first time mummy but that wasn't exactly correct. Almost 4 years ago not long after we were married I somehow managed to get my new husband to the animal shelter. And it was there that we met a little scrawny black kitty cat. We were only meant to be going for a look and even I was surprised at how fast everything happened. It felt like the lady who introduced us to him was interviewing us and we were instantly nervous that we wouldn't meet her criteria. No other pets. Tick. No kids. Tick. One of us home during the day. Tick. The whole time this ball of black fluff was nuzzling into my chest and I didn't want to let him down. We were surprised to find a queue of hopeful kitten hunters behind us and apparently being 'out of season' there weren't so many to go around. Darling hubby was signing on the dotted line without any further discussion, or should I say persuasion, needed.

But we weren't home and dry yet. He couldn't just come home with us; we had to await a visit from a 'home checker' who would check us out more thoroughly before kitty would be released into our care. If we'd been nervous earlier then this was a killer. We bought up most of pets at home before returning to frantically clean up in anticipation of her arrival. Then I worried she'd think our home was too neat for a playful kitty so I dishevelled a few cushions, put some cat toys out and left a strategically placed kitten care book on the coffee table. I wondered if it was this hard to adopt a child.

We shouldn't have worried so much. All went well and the next day we were excitedly headed back into the shelter with the cat carrier. The little ball of black fluff gave out the loudest meow as soon as he saw us. He knew his mummy and daddy were taking him home...


  1. Aww would you look at him in that pic?? I've had my 3 cats from rescue centres but we never had a home visit. I want another one.....!!

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